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SMS messaging helps both job seekers and recruiters

SMS messaging helps both job seekers and recruiters

One of the most stressful things we encounter in life has to be finding a job, especially if we don’t have one already. Recruitment agencies have the wonderful ability to help job seekers find the position they want and to help companies find the workers they need. SMS messaging makes a recruiter’s job easier and more efficient. But it also offers some great benefits to job seekers.

If you’re wondering what sorts of things recruitment companies can do with SMS messaging, take a look at this list:

  • Quickly (even automatically!) inform candidates of application status (accepted, reviewed, pending…)
  • Inform job seekers of new openings within seconds of the posting
  • Send reminders to staff and job seekers of scheduled interviews
  • Warn job seekers when job postings are about to close
  • Notify clients that applications have been received for their job posting
  • Save time, work more efficiently, and help more clients

As a job seeker, working with a recruiter that uses SMS messaging offers:

  • Peace of mind knowing an application was received or processed because they get a text message telling them so
  • Convenience of being informed quickly of cancellations or changes in interview times
  • Friendly reminders about interviews, deadlines, or requirements they need to meet
  • An advantage knowing they’re one of the first to know of new job postings
  • The potential to directly respond to a message if the recruiter uses short codes or a VMN (Virtual Mobile Number)

As convenient as SMS messaging for recruitment sounds, how effective is it? A study last year by Dialogue Communications showed that almost 90% of recruiters surveyed report contacting job seekers by SMS. That’s a good sign of how prevalent SMS usage is, but what about the other side? Well, the same survey reported that 90% of those recruitment companies received a response in three minutes.

The speed of recruiting doesn’t get much faster than that. Are you a recruiter using SMS messaging? What would you say is the greatest benefit you’ve experienced from using it? Leave us a note in the comments.

More ideas can be found in our Fastsms Recruitment Guide.

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