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Recruitment Industry Grows With Technology – And SMS Messaging

text messaging for recruitment companies

Did you know that before World War II there were no recruitment agencies? Or that 73% of agencies have successfully hired someone using social media?

The history of the recruitment industry is tied to growth in technology, especially since the 1970s when computers first became mainstream. I’m not talking about personal computers that would come in the following decade but the big ones that companies would use to manage and store data. Since then each new revolution in technology has corresponded to one in the way people search for jobs.

Flo Software Solutions, a business management software company, created an infographic that details the history of modern job seekers and the recruitment industry as technology evolved. It continues right up until current era when people apply for vacancies directly using their mobile devices.

If there’s one thing I could add to the infographic below, it would be the power of SMS messaging in recruiting. While the infographic does touch on mobile usage, it’s more from the angle of accessing the internet vs. a quick, simple, fast form of communication available to everyone with a mobile.

Recruiters today don’t need to wait for people to find and apply for jobs on the internet. They can simply send a text message out to their database with a new opening and watch the applications stream in. They can save time too, by sending updates to prospects via text message letting them know when their applications are received or processed. The potential uses are virtually unlimited.

Is there anything you would add to the infographic? You might also find our SMS Recruitment Guide useful.


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