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Text Messaging for
Recruitment Agencies

Stay connected, be more efficient and place
more candidates using SMS text messaging

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Provide a better recruitment experience

For a small-medium business, recruiting a new team member can be one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. It will take time, money and effort to choose and successfully onboard a new employee and even after that there’s no guarantee it’ll work out.

For a job-seeker, there is perhaps no more stressful time in their professional life than looking for or switching employment. Whether currently without work, or simply moving on it’s a big risk on an unknown.

As a recruiter, you have the power to mitigate the stress and risk involved for both parties and help the process run as smoothly as possible. SMS text messaging is a big tool at your disposal to make sure that happens.

The immediate and discreet nature of SMS means you can contact your candidates about new and existing opportunities without drawing the attention that comes with constant phone calls or emails that may be visible at their current place of work.

Low SMS warning


Let your candidates know (simultaneously) when there is a new position available that they're suited for

SMS appointment reminder


Use two-way SMS to schedule a time for a phone call or an interview without exchanging voicemails

SMS information


Send details of where, when and with whom interviews are taking place as well as reminders the day before

SMS voucher


Send your candidates timely updates during the application process to keep them informed at all times

SMS business

Job listings

Include links to full job listings or online applications & assessments for candidates to complete

SMS feedback


After an interview, automatically gather feedback from candidates on the suitability of the position

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New to SMS Messaging?

Download our Recruiters Guide to SMS Messaging : How to use SMS messaging to stay connected, be more efficient, and place more candidates

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