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SMS messaging can meet many different needs across a wide range of organisations. One of the most common uses though is reminding people of appointments.

If your business is based on selling your time, like a salon or a health practitioner, it is galling when a “no show” leaves you with an empty slot. you can’t sell that time again, it’s too late. You can try to get the client to pay anyway but that is bad for customer relations. If you are a hospital or vet it’s worse. Not only do you waste time but you also leave expensive equipment unused.

It is clearly shown that by collecting clients’ mobile numbers and using the automated tools in Fastsms to send them one or more reminders, especially the day before their appointment, you will dramatically reduce “no show” problems and avoid the associated wastage of time and resource.

Missed appointments can be a huge problem for businesses, no-shows cost businesses billions every year, in fact the NHS revealed that almost £1 Billion was wasted annually by patients missing appointments. According to the NHS figures, every hospital outpatient appointment missed, costs the NHS approximately £120. (Source: Guardian) However, it is not just the NHS that is having this issue with missed appointments, lots of businesses now have customer appointments and rely on their customers turning up, from dentists, to osteopaths, to bank appointments and taxi drivers, missed arrangements is something that is harming and effecting millions of businesses. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, businesses have found a way to drastically improve attendance rates, making sure their customers are turning up to their appointments, and the answer has been right there in their pocket or hand the whole time - the mobile phone and SMS appointment...

As a whole, the UK door and window sector has an annual revenue of over £2 billion and has a projected growth rate in the region of 2%. With increased competition in the marketplace and a wider than ever range of products available for every budget, door and window suppliers and fitters need to find effective new approaches to marketing in order to stand out from their competitors. SMS is a low cost and easy to implement solution that offers incredible versatility. Read on to learn more.

With relatively low barriers to entry and little in the way of regulation, the home removals trade is an industry that almost anybody can enter. This means that to stay ahead of competitors, there are two key factors to consider - price and customer service, the latter of which is all important. SMS Marketing is a great way for removals companies to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service - and it is incredibly cheap and easy to use. Read on to learn more....

The spring/summer season is typically a time when people change their wardrobe and even their entire image. As well as changes to the wardrobe, many will adjust their hair colour and style for the coming season. All of these changes mean that for those wearing glasses, it is often also time to change frames for something that is more in keeping with the season’s look. So how can opticians use SMS Marketing to help increase sales and attract new customers? Here are 5 top tips from the experts.

With this year’s exam season about to get underway, many young adults will be keen to get their driving test complete, so that they can finish school with that all important driving licence under their belt. SMS Marketing is a simple and versatile tool that can help to manage existing students effectively and also to begin filling the schedule for the months ahead. So how can independent driving instructors and driving schools alike make the most of SMS Marketing? Here are five examples.