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SMS messaging can meet many different needs across a wide range of organisations. One of the most common uses though is reminding people of appointments.

If your business is based on selling your time, like a salon or a health practitioner, it is galling when a “no show” leaves you with an empty slot. you can’t sell that time again, it’s too late. You can try to get the client to pay anyway but that is bad for customer relations. If you are a hospital or vet it’s worse. Not only do you waste time but you also leave expensive equipment unused.

It is clearly shown that by collecting clients’ mobile numbers and using the automated tools in Fastsms to send them one or more reminders, especially the day before their appointment, you will dramatically reduce “no show” problems and avoid the associated wastage of time and resource.

Every organisation needs to streamline its operations, reduce waste and operate on “lean” principles; from global pharmaceutical companies to local GP surgeries. SMS provides superb value for money in the way it reaches and engages stakeholders. Messages go straight into the hands of the right person in an unmissable way. Backed by an SMS provider in the UK familiar with public and private healthcare, systems can be created to use text messages to save money and time.


If you're an estate agent who isn't using SMS to increase their database of buyers and sellers, then you're an estate agent who isn't maximising their clients' phone numbers. A mobile number is something your purchasers and sellers are quite happy to share with you, and this voluntary opt-in can be invaluable when it comes to getting an edge in a competitive market. Using this information, you can create effective and affordable marketing campaigns, whether you’re alerting your clients to a change of price or promoting a particular property.


In recent years various NHS trusts have used SMS messaging to remind clients of their appointments - and have saved the NHS thousands of pounds already. With the number of missed appointments at an all time high across the NHS, the cost of these no-shows has a huge impact on the vital services that the NHS provides, for both the organisation and its patients. Read on to learn how SMS Messaging is saving the NHS thousands.

There are always ways in which SMS marketing can be optimised further. One such way is through personalisation. This may seem like an insurmountable challenge when you are trying to communicate with so many people at the same time. The last thing you want to do is have to send out one message at a time to thousands of numbers. Yet this isn't necessary - in fact, it is more than possible to add several layers of personalisation to your SMS marketing.


Global brands are increasingly taking advantage of a Short Message Service (SMS) to connect to customers and improve customer communication and engagement. This trend is taking root amongst small companies too, as they grasp the potential to not only communicate effectively in real-time but use SMS to save time and money in their customer relations procedures.