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SMS messaging can meet many different needs across a wide range of organisations. One of the most common uses though is reminding people of appointments.

If your business is based on selling your time, like a salon or a health practitioner, it is galling when a “no show” leaves you with an empty slot. you can’t sell that time again, it’s too late. You can try to get the client to pay anyway but that is bad for customer relations. If you are a hospital or vet it’s worse. Not only do you waste time but you also leave expensive equipment unused.

It is clearly shown that by collecting clients’ mobile numbers and using the automated tools in Fastsms to send them one or more reminders, especially the day before their appointment, you will dramatically reduce “no show” problems and avoid the associated wastage of time and resource.

Estate agents can use SMS messaging to give themselves a real edge in the property business. Confirm appointments with viewers; update sellers on progress; provide property details by text to enquirers, every hour of every day, instantly. All great reasons for a seller to choose you over the competition.


How does SMS messaging helps recruitment agencies? Just as importantly how does it help job seekers? This post explains several benefits for both recruiters and candidates. Perhaps the key issues are the speed of communication with SMS and also the innate privacy of SMS messaging.