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Estate Agents, Stay Ahead of The Real Estate Market with SMS Messaging

Estate agents, stay ahead of the real estate market with SMS messaging

In the current competitive UK seller’s market, estate agents are looking for ways to stand out and attract sellers. Many agents are resorting to cutting their seller fees (and potentially passing them on to buyers). But there’s another way you can be competitive: use SMS messaging to bring more buyers, more quickly.

SMS messaging can be used to close deals faster, make more effective use of time, and potentially build a reputation for quick sales which could lead to even more clients.

Here are a few examples how to put SMS messaging to work for an estate agent:

  • Let sellers know you can reach out to your existing database of buyers instantly via text message. It’s even possible to integrate directly into your database using the API for our service. You’ll get the word out faster than other agents giving you an edge when the seller is choosing between agents.
  • You can bring in more buyers by posting a VMN or short code number with each property notice so interested buyers can quickly text for more information. By making it so easy for buyers to find out about a property, you’ll move the process along faster and weed out buyers who aren’t really interested.
  • Keep everyone up to date by sending out appointment reminders to buyers and sellers. No more wasting time on no shows, or forgotten appointments.
  • Send quick updates to sellers on offers, showings, or changes to schedule. Communication is one sure way to help keep your seller happy (other than finding an offer above asking). Happy sellers lead to more referrals and a better reputation for you.
  • Add a property reference number to your For Sale signs and flyers. Invite viewers to text the reference number to your Virtual Mobile Number which can trigger an immediate response with brief property details. Make it easy for anyone to grab details 24/7/365.

Getting started using SMS services is easy, and you can always access it on the go either using a web browser or your email service. And it is much less expensive than many traditional ways to advertise properties, especially considering how much time it can save you.

Have you used SMS messaging can set you apart in the market? We’d love to hear your story in the comments.

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