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Many housing associations are now using SMS messaging both for marketing their properties and managing interactions with tenants.

When a property becomes available details can swiftly be broadcast to interested parties, cutting down on the time a property stands empty. Tenants, especially those without a computer, can text in details of faults or other maintenance issues in the property. Wasted visits can be reduced by texting reminders to tenants of maintenance visits or viewings. Rent reminders can be sent before payment is due to cut down on arrears.

Read below more examples of how SMS messaging can save time and money for housing associations.

I talk a lot on our blog about using SMS for marketing. That’s because SMS messaging is an amazing channel for marketers. But it can be used for so much more than that. In this post I wanted to highlight a couple of example SMS applications that just might get your “little grey cells” thinking about how to use SMS messaging for your organisation.