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SMS Applications are About More Than Just Marketing

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I talk a lot on our blog about using SMS for marketing. That’s because SMS messaging is an amazing channel for marketers. But it can be used for so much more than that. In this blog I wanted to highlight a couple of example SMS applications that just might get your “little grey cells” thinking about how to use SMS messaging for your organisation.


Managing staff, deliveries, or inventory is a necessarily complex job. Communication is the key to keeping everyone informed and things moving smoothly. And the faster the people in your organisation can communicate, the better able they are to stay on track, make adjustments, or avert disaster before it happens.

For example, a warehouse manager can get text alerts when inventory of a critical supply drops below a certain level. The manager can take immediate action and prevent any shortages or delays. Even if you already use email or computer notifications, these take time to arrive and may never be seen by a busy manager. But SMS offers almost instantaneous delivery directly to the manager’s mobile, which could make the difference between a successful shipment or an expensive delay.

Unique SMS Applications

The great thing about technology is how people are always finding new ways to use it. This next use case comes from the US and a group called VetAdvisor. They help returning American soldiers transition back into civilian life by offering coaching, career advice, and financial education.

Every veteran is assigned a wellness coach who keeps in touch with them and helps them with their specific challenges. The coaches send them real-time encouragement and advice via SMS. The service even integrates with some devices, such as the Fitbit. The coaches can see their progress and issues through the Fitbit data, then send them SMS messages to offer support, ask questions, or set up a meeting.

VetAdvisor is one example of a service thinking out of the box and trying new technology together with SMS in a way that provides a valuable service to its members.

Can you think of any new ways SMS applications could support your organisation? Share your ideas in the comments.

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