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How Letting Agents are Using SMS Messaging

How Letting Agents are Using SMS Messaging

When SMS is introduced into any sector it often brings with it unique uses that would rarely be used in any other situation and in the case of Letting Agents this is no different…

SMS gives Letting Agents and Property Management Companies the opportunity to manage all their communications with their tenants directly from their desktop as well the means to market properties to prospective clients in a way that really gets them to take notice.

These sectors can now communicate with tenants in a direct and cost-effective way through SMS. With over 80% of adults owning mobile phones, text message has become the preferred medium of communication for many due to its unobtrusive nature. In the past property managers often had to ring a tenant several times to get through or waited days for a response to an email. Using SMS gets their message directly into the hands of their tenants at any time of the day. The following are just some of the ways Letting Agents are already using SMS to their advantage.

Reminders: sending all tenants a message at the same time informing them that their rent is due

Fault Reporting: tenants text in when there is a problem with the property that goes directly to a PC

Alerts: tenants are informed of scheduled viewings or when a repairman is coming round to do some work

Many Letting Agents are using FASTSMS to market their properties effectively to prospective clients. SMS Marketing is currently the most effective way of getting the details of latest properties directly into the hands of prospective clients – and it offers redemption rates far greater than traditional advertising & promotions. Studies show that people are much more likely to read and respond to a text message than any other medium. The following are just some of the ways this can be done.

Campaigns: clients text a property code to the system and an automatic reply contains details of that property

Promotion: prospects are sent information about new properties, upcoming open days and special offers

Competitions: used to gather opted-in subscribers for mailing lists to be used in future SMS promotions

Enquiries: a ‘textline’ is published with other contact details, extending office hours

This is just another instance where FASTSMS can make a real impact in the way communications are improved through the incorporation of text message into a business’s strategies.

For more information on how FASTSMS is working with various sectors to save them money and increase sales, click here

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