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Event promotion can be effectively carried out using SMS marketing. Notifications of new events can be sent to subscribers as new events are announced providing opportunities for early bird sign-ups. Equally last minute offers can be broadcast to fill up unsold seats later in the cycle. Subscribers can be sent special offers for events that are similar to those previously attended and the subscriber database can be enhanced by texting competitions offering discounts, backstage passes, merchandise and other special offers.

SMS messaging is also useful for coordinating management of the event. Urgent messages can be transmitted to stage hands, security staff, ticket office and so forth. Delays can be notified, arrival times updated, bottlenecks identified and all efforts coordinated swiftly and effectively.

The Early May bank holiday is fast approaching, and with it comes another great occasion to pump up the sales efforts and cash in on the long weekend. Whether you are in travel and tourism, outdoor and leisure, hospitality and catering or any other sector for that matter, a long weekend always brings opportunity with the right marketing. SMS marketing is low cost, highly effective and ideal for a short, sharp campaign. Here are seven inspired ideas to get you thinking.

For smaller, independent galleries who are ready to innovate and adopt new approaches, the time has never been better to reach out to those in search of new experiences in the arts and culture sector. One way art galleries can extend their reach and attract new visitors is through SMS Marketing, a simple and cost effective channel that has proven to be extremely effective. In this article, we look at five ways independent art galleries can make the most of the medium.

Whatever the event you are planning, from a seminar, product launch or grand opening to a concert or trade fair for hundreds or even thousands of people, SMS Marketing is a powerful, versatile and cost effective tool that has a variety of uses to help ensure that your participants and attendees enjoy the very best experience and make sure your event is as successful as possible. So how can SMS Marketing be used by event organisers? We take a look.


The digital age has seen a rise in demand for business coaches to aid you in every aspect of your entrepreneurial efforts. From money mindset to technological solutions, earning passive income and attracting high-paying clients, these days there's a coach for everything. But running a coaching business isn't as simple as the hype would suggest. SMS marketing is the perfect way of supercharging your promotion of your coaching business, here's how.


SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools businesses can use to raise awareness of their product and service, directly communicating with their target audience. As with everything you invest time and money into, you'll want to understand how SMS messaging can help you to grow your business so that you see the direct return on your investment. Here we've listed out some of the key ways SMS marketing can help you grow your business, and achieve your objectives.