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SMS Messaging Can Make Employee Relations Easier, Faster, and More Efficient

SMS Messaging Can Make Employee Relations Easier, Faster, and More Efficient

Managing employee relations is possibly one of the hardest aspects of a corporation’s day to day activities. There’s usually a ton of paperwork, regulations, checklists, and procedures to follow for each employee. This is especially true when new employees join a company.

But corporations with engaged employees are 78% more productive. They are also 40% more profitable when compared to employees who aren’t as engaged in the corporate community according to Aon, a worldwide leader in HR solutions.

You probably aren’t surprised by those statistics if you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment. There are usually some employees who seem to be “all in” and others that look like they’d rather be anywhere else. So what can a company do to help get more of their employees engaged and profitable?

Streamlining and improving corporate communications with SMS messaging is one solution.

Take the example of a new employee. They’ve just started work, they have all sorts of paperwork, training, meetings, and orientations to attend. They can often feel overwhelmed and out of sorts until they get settled, which could take weeks or months.

One company claimed to reduce their standard on-boarding procedures from two weeks to two days. Here are some of the things they did:

  • Sent reminders or alerts about the new employee training events and meetings. Employees were able to make more of the events sooner because the text messages broke through all the noise and information they received on their first few days.
  • Provided links to online employee guidelines, job expectations or resources available within the company. With the links directly to these types of information in an easily accessed text message, the employees were better able to find the information they needed.
  • Sent personal messages to make them feel welcome and recognised. Personal recognition and a feeling that they matter leads employees to success on the job and higher retention rates over time.

SMS messaging is the most direct way to communicate with a new employee (other than stopping by to say hello in person of course). Even corporate email accounts can quickly become swamped, and in the first few days the employee may not even have their account or computer yet. But they will have their mobile phone, even a personal one that HR can use to communicate non-proprietary or personal information.

Wouldn’t you like to have employees who were 40% more profitable? Show them you care and keep them involved when you use SMS messaging for corporate communications.

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