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The history of SMS or Short Message Service goes right back to the early 1980’s but it is only in the past 10 years or so that it has achieved mass usage. Its a simple technology developed to make it quick and easy to transmit text messages of up to 160 characters between mobile devices. This concept has expanded dramatically over recent years through the development of SMS gateways by companies like Fastsms so that text messages can now be sent and received by computers as well as phones.

The history of SMS is more related to its usage than its technology which is little changed over its history. It has however become the most used means of electronic communication on the globe and is rapidly penetrating the business market as a fast, reliable and low cost means of communication in a wide variety of business applications.

We use them everyday and read almost every single one we receive within just a few seconds - but have you ever wondered how the SMS message came to be the most popular method of communication ever created? In this infographic, we present an illustrated history of the SMS message from it's earliest origins through to the present day.  ...

Despite the surge in popularity of smartphones over recent years and the rapid growth of alternative messaging apps, SMS messaging remains one of the most commonly used and popular methods of communication today. Read this article to learn more about the history of SMS messaging and discover why it is still a highly profitable channel that should be seriously considered in your marketing strategy.


What is stopping YOU from using SMS technology in your organisation? Here are some of the lingering myths and misconceptions about using business SMS systems for marketing, or stakeholder engagement, that may be holding you back from benefiting from one of the most effective group communication tools available.


SMS was once considered to be a dead technology, but the humble text message has proved it’s around for the long haul. And what with Nokia reintroducing the iconic 3310 with its never-ending battery life and non-smart interface, straightforward texting fits right into our busy lifestyles.


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