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How To Use SMS Messaging To Fill Your Health Club And Keep It Full

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At the end of every year, people all over the country will be making resolutions to get fit, lose weight, eat healthier, or start practising yoga. In January, health club memberships will soar. By mid-February or even sooner, the flood of new members subsides as an estimated 88% of New Year resolutions fail.

How can you help them stay on track and continue coming to your club?

Well, first you need to get them to sign up as members. That means you’ll have to get their attention during the busy holiday season when they are most focused on setting their latest resolutions. What is a sure-fire way to break through the noise and be noticed?

Offer special signup deals to those who opt into your SMS marketing campaign. Or even run a contest offering everyone who opts in a chance at a free membership. You can promote the option to opt in on your website, on social media, and any advertising you usually use during the holiday season.

Once your new members make it through the door of your health club, you can focus on offering SMS services to keep them on track. For example:

  • A little nudge to get back to the gym if they haven’t checked in recently
  • Forward links to articles on healthy living, fitness news, or other motivational material
  • Announcements of new classes or programmes
  • Reminders for appointments with a trainer or class
  • Payment reminders

If you’re wondering why you’d want to use SMS instead of email for such things, just ask yourself how much of your email you read every day. How much of it do you tell yourself you’ll get to later but never quite do? Email can be overwhelming just like following through on your resolutions can be overwhelming.

Studies have shown 99% of text messages are read. When a new text message comes in and sounds our familiar notification sound, we have an almost Pavlovian response to check and see who sent us a message. That’s a powerful tool and ally to help your new members stick to their goals while keeping your health club full.

And the cost of SMS messaging is so very affordable. You can send a thousand text messages to your members for just £35. Imagine the time and cost needed to make 1000 phone calls or send 1000 letters?

For more information you can now download our SMS Guide for Health Clubs.

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