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The Six Nations Rugby Championship is well underway. Whilst for those with a keen interest in the sport, the jargon and game play make perfect sense, for the less familiar it can be somewhat incomprehensible - as brilliantly captured in the latest advert for Domino’s Pizza. Whether you follow the game or not, there is a lot we can take from the Six Nations Championship and apply to SMS Marketing. Here are five lessons.

With the weather improving, many amateur sports clubs will be coming back to life and begin to meet again over the next few weeks and months. This will mean getting existing members back together, reaching out to new members, attracting new sponsors and supporters and arranging events. SMS Marketing is the perfect tool for managing all of this and more. In this article, we look at how community and amateur sports clubs and groups can make the most of SMS Marketing.


As the nation becomes more and more active, traditional entry barriers to sport have been lowered, making them accessible to a much wider range of individuals. As a result, sports massage therapists have joined the ranks of other medical practitioners in the highly competitive consumer sector. Whilst reputation counts for a lot in the industry, it is ultimately marketing that matters when looking to create a sustainable business. Here's why SMS Marketing is a great tool for exactly this purpose.

Marketing for gyms and leisure centres is unlike marketing within many other industries. It's not enough to simply gain a customer and expect to keep them indefinitely. It's important to make every attempt to keep that customer dedicated and interested in achieving their fitness goals to avoid lapsed memberships and cancellations. It's in every gym's best interest to have a loyal customer base that feels supported and encouraged to attend the gym regularly. Failure to do so can result in members who feel it is a waste of money to pay for a membership that they don't use often enough. That's where SMS marketing can make a big difference.


SMS marketing has seen a huge uplift in popularity in recent years, with big brands investing in the technology to better engage with their customers. There are so many benefits of SMS marketing, from the ability to directly to reach customers with your communications, to the fact that over 80% of SMS texts are read. With over approximately 90% of the world receiving mobile coverage, you’re highly likely to be able to reach your audience, regardless of where they are. SMS marketing is cost effective, and campaigns are quick to develop, in as short a time period as the time it takes to write a text message. This gives you the advantage of being able to communicate quickly, and effectively with customers, reacting to information almost instantaneously. With so many reasons to use SMS marketing, we’ve highlighted four sectors successfully using SMS messaging as case studies to highlight...