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5 SMS Marketing Lessons from the Six Nations Championship

5 SMS Marketing Lessons from the Six Nations Rugby Championship

The sporting phenomenon that is the winter Olympics may have concluded and sports fans may be feeling a little deprived of action – unless of course you are a rugby fan, in which case there is plenty more Six Nations action to keep you entertained. Whilst for those with a keen interest in the sport, the jargon and gameplay make perfect sense, for the less familiar it can be somewhat incomprehensible – as brilliantly captured in the latest advert for Domino’s Pizza. Whether you follow the game or not, there is a lot we can take from the Six Nations Championship and apply to SMS Marketing. Here are five lessons.

1. It’s a game of strategy

Although strategy is crucial to success in any sport, it matters a whole lot more in some than in others. When it comes to rugby, it takes a serious amount of strategy to overcome the competition and emerge as the victor. It is not enough to simply develop a model of play and stick with it – the strategy needs to constantly develop and evolve, as well as be able to adapt to each opponent on a match by match basis. This, as painful as it was for England fans, was brilliantly exemplified by the Scottish team in their impressive victory over England. The exact same is true to success in SMS Marketing. A specific strategy should be established for each campaign, with its own objectives, measurables and target audiences. One key way in which SMS Marketing differs from mass marketing channels such as email is that it is highly personal in nature. Because of this, it is important not to slip into the habit of using a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing campaigns, as this will be detrimental to your success. For best results, start each campaign with a clean sheet and develop a strategy that is tailor-made to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Persistence pays

Just as with any sport, there is no doubt that luck can play a part in success. But the reality is, it is persistence that wins games and tournaments and (winter Olympics aside) few sports serve to illustrate this better than rugby. The sheer persistence required to simply hold one’s position and not relinquish the lead is impressive – and a highly accurate metaphor for the world of modern marketing. In such an incredibly saturated marketplace, it is harder than ever for brands to overcome the noise, stand out from the crowd and get their message in front of the right people. However, with the right level of persistence, it is still possible to get fantastic results. Combine persistence with strategy as described in the previous point to create exceptionally successful SMS Marketing campaigns.

3. Never underestimate the power of the underdog

One of the most exciting aspects of rugby is its unpredictability. It really is a game where the unexpected can happen and the underdog can overcome the odds to come out on top. Not by chance, but by applying the principles of strategy and persistence. Because of the unique nature of SMS Marketing, the same is equally true. Unlike with mass media advertising such as television, which given the huge cost of execution is simply not available to most small independent companies, SMS Marketing is accessible to even those with the lowest budget. The unique characteristics of SMS Marketing also contribute to this unique opportunity to take on the biggest names in your field of business. Rather than repeating the same message to the same audience over a course of weeks or months as is typical of a television or internet marketing campaign, SMS Marketing works best when you send a given message to a prospective or existing customer just once. A well-crafted SMS message distributed to a carefully selected audience can give even the smallest of companies an equal chance of getting results as those with a six-figure advertising budget.

4. Communication is king

So let’s make sure that you are up to speed with the basics of rugby. You pass backward and kick forward. Seems simple, right? So imagine that you are on a pitch with your fourteen fellow players and up against stiff competition. You win possession of the ball and… without communication, who on earth will be able to anticipate your next move to ensure the ball stays in the right hands? Just as it is true to rugby, communication is king when it comes to marketing, and this is one area where SMS marketing excels. Why? Because not only does it allow real-time communication, it also allows two-way conversation, meaning that you can build a real relationship with customers just when it matters to them the most. Click here to learn more about receiving messages.

5. Creativity counts

When there are fifteen of the heaviest, most muscular men you are ever likely to encounter ready and waiting to jump on you, it takes more than just strategy to succeed – it also takes a certain amount of creativity, and the teams that do best in rugby are those that foster a culture of creativity, where thinking outside the box and coming up with original approaches to gameplay within the limitations of the game is actively encouraged. SMS Marketing has a lot in common. There are rules to be followed, such as the all-important PECR regulations, and there are restrictions that apply, such as the limited character count (up to 459 characters for a concatenated message). However, provided you stay compliant and stick to the basic rules of SMS Marketing, being creative with your campaign is a great way to improve your success. Think not only about your copywriting, but also consider how you can use SMS Marketing in a unique and original way.

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