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SMS competitions are an effective way of generating sign-ups for a mobile marketing database. If you plan an SMS marketing campaign it is important that you only send to numbers that are opted in to your messages. Not only will you be breaking regulations if you “cold call” but the campaign just won’t deliver good results.

SMS competitions can be simple single question campaigns or more sophisticated using multiple questions and responses. Either way it can generate new prospects and start to build a relationship with them. Competition entries can be texted to an SMS shortcode or virtual mobile number together with a keyword.

With its low costs and incredibly high open rates, SMS Marketing remains one of the most effective direct marketing channels available. It is proven to improve customer engagement, boost sales and even enhance your reputation for excellent customer service. Although it has never been easier to use SMS Marketing, it is not always so easy to come up with great campaigns. To give you a helping hand, we’ve prepared a list of great ideas that are guaranteed to engage your audience, encourage interaction and help to build excitement and hype for your brand. Read on to learn more and be inspired.

Companies use contests and giveaways all the time. It turns out that doing them over SMS messaging works really well, and offers some advantages over other channels. Read our blog to see the types of results various companies achieved when using SMS giveaways.


Uncertain economic times and an ever-extending holiday retail season is apparently making Brits less excited about the “usual” sales. But don’t worry, find out how SMS marketing can help you boost sales even in the face of retail fatigue.


What do oddly flavoured crisps and SMS messaging have in common?  The US version of Walkers brand crisps ran a massive marketing campaign to promote three flavours released for a limited time. Find out how it worked and why SMS played a key role in the process.


Are startups afraid of using SMS marketing? Is it because they’re afraid of annoying customers and breaking the regulations? I don’t think so. If your startup isn’t using SMS marketing already, it’s probably because you don’t know all the facts. Find out why SMS is actually perfect for startups.