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SMS competitions are an effective way of generating sign-ups for a mobile marketing database. If you plan an SMS marketing campaign it is important that you only send to numbers that are opted in to your messages. Not only will you be breaking regulations if you “cold call” but the campaign just won’t deliver good results.

SMS competitions can be simple single question campaigns or more sophisticated using multiple questions and responses. Either way it can generate new prospects and start to build a relationship with them. Competition entries can be texted to an SMS shortcode or virtual mobile number together with a keyword.

SMS messaging can be a one-way, or a two-way affair. Sending coupons, sale notifications, or event announcements are all one-way messaging. The recipient doesn’t need to reply in order to use the information sent. In two-way messaging though, recipients can reply to your messages. And that makes it much more interesting, engaging, and potentially a lot more work to manage.


Every year about this time people are doing their best to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions are broken before the end of January, but others linger through the year. Fortunately for travel agencies, many different kinds of resolutions involve travel. Here are two ideas for using SMS campaigns to connect with people interested in travel.  ...

Creating your first SMS campaign can be a daunting task. in this post we take it back to basics and discuss the different types of SMS marketing campaigns. To begin with we focus on the simplest distinction between campaign types, whether it is primarily inbound (receiving) or outbound (sending).

I’ve written about a lot of different uses for text messaging in our blog. But today I read an article about an organisation using it in a completely new way: Bully Text, a game, played via text message over the course of a day.