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SMS competitions are an effective way of generating sign-ups for a mobile marketing database. If you plan an SMS marketing campaign it is important that you only send to numbers that are opted in to your messages. Not only will you be breaking regulations if you “cold call” but the campaign just won’t deliver good results.

SMS competitions can be simple single question campaigns or more sophisticated using multiple questions and responses. Either way it can generate new prospects and start to build a relationship with them. Competition entries can be texted to an SMS shortcode or virtual mobile number together with a keyword.

Read for yourself the five key statistics relating to SMS marketing. Once you have seen these you will understand better how to build successful SMS marketing campaigns that win new customers and generate loyalty and repeat orders from your established customer base.

Almost any business, or even a not-for-profit company, can take advantage of the frenzy of sporting events, like The Olympics. Especially when you combine it with mobile marketing. That’s because there are plenty of fans, and their devices, here in the UK.


Did you know you can send more than text in an SMS message? Well, technically it isn’t an SMS message if it isn’t text. Instead, the multimedia messaging service, or MMS for short, is an extension of the SMS core functionality. It allows you to send short videos (40 seconds or less), images or audio over mobile networks just like an SMS message.


The year of mobile marketing is finally here. You’ve heard it before, but it’s clear it has finally arrived. In fact, it may have arrived last year so if you haven’t joined yet you might be late to the party. Don’t worry, there’s still time. Here are 3 reasons SMS needs to be an integral part of your mobile strategy going forward.


When you think about your SMS marketing campaigns would you label them as fun? Is there any aspect of your SMS marketing or loyalty program that you think customers would call fun? If so, you're going to love what you read in this blog. If not, then you need to read this blog. It turns out that a little bit of fun and games can keep your customers more engaged – and more loyal.