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What Can You Do with MMS Messaging?

mms messaging

Did you know you can send more than text in an SMS message? Well, technically it isn’t an SMS message if it isn’t text. Instead, the multimedia messaging service, or MMS for short, is an extension of the SMS core functionality. It allows you to send short videos (40 seconds or less), images or audio over mobile networks just like an SMS message.

Read on to see some examples on how you could use MMS messaging, as well as see how the multimedia messaging service works with fastsms.

Business Uses

You’ve probably had situations when someone was explaining something to you, but you still couldn’t visualise what they were talking about. At times like those, a picture or video would certainly help right? Here are a few examples of how MMS messaging could work for businesses facing that same situation.

  • Maintenance – Plumbers, electricians, mechanics all need the proper parts to complete their work. If they’re out on a call and don’t have the right part, they could take a picture and send it back to the main office using MMS messaging. The right part could be ordered and sent to the location when and where it’s needed. This can be much faster than looking up part numbers in a manual, or trying to describe a part to someone over the phone.
  • Insurance – When customers file a claim, they could send pictures or a short video of the situation to their agent via an MMS message. This can be easier for both the agent and the customer than taking pictures and emailing them later. MMS messaging is often much faster than email, and is guaranteed to arrive when sent over reliable networks.
  • Estate agents – Ever have a client that knew what they wanted, but couldn’t really describe it to you? Ask them to send you pictures of houses or features they like as they drive around looking at properties. It will help you narrow in on the right properties, and also help them communicate what they really want.

Mobile Marketing

A great reason to use MMS for mobile marketing is because it’s as easy as sending a text message for your customers. They don’t need to download an app, log into Facebook, or go to a website. The easier it is, the more participation you’re likely to have. Here’s a short list of possibilities:

  • Photo contests – Ask your customers to snap pictures with their iPhone or Android devices and send them to you for a photo contest. An example might be to take a picture of their favourite product you sell, or a selfie in front of a special display in your restaurant. The Coinstar company (they run those machines where you put coins in and get cash or vouchers back) had a contest where you send in a picture of how you spent the money you got from their machines for a chance to win more money (I saw this when I was in New York City recently. They actually had people post to Facebook, but an MMS message would have been better!).
  • User generated video – Creating good content is one of the main challenges of a business’s online presence. But one sure way to get some is to have your customers create it for you. MMS supports short duration video. Your customers can send in video snippets they create to your MMS phone number (or virtual mobile number actually) as part of a contest or just to show their support. Many people will provide content just because they might be featured on your website or Facebook page. Once you get the short videos, you can share them individually or create a montage of them all. Your customers will love seeing themselves!
  • Audio content – Customers can send you a short audio testimony about why they love your product, or their favourite thing to do at your resort, restaurant, or location. If you’re really crazy (in a fun way of course) maybe run a contest for a new brand jingle. Fans can create a new jingle for you right on their phone and send it to you via an MMS message.

MMS Explained

MMS messaging with fastsms requires you have a MMS virtual mobile number (VMN). The VMN lets you send and receive SMS messages and receive MMS messages. Our web-based service, NetMessenger, lets you manage your SMS messaging just like you’d manage your email. If you receive MMS messages, you’ll get those via email or they can be forwarded to a URL.

We’ll make getting setup to use MMS messaging easy for you. Both new and existing account holders can contact us about getting an MMS VMN and arrange the message delivery details. We do all the work of configuring it for you. We’re available on live chat, email, or phone to answer your questions or to get you started.

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