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How and why you need to provide excellent customer service

In a world filled with competition, you need something that can differentiate you between your competitors, so you can continue to grow your business through retention while winning new business. To do this you need to appeal to your customers and give them exactly what they want.

But what do customers want?
Better prices? More services? How about just excellent customer service?

How to provide excellent customer service

Customer service can be the differentiator between success and failure. Delivering excellent customer service can enable your business to flourish, but what is excellent customer service?

Customers want to feel special, important and valued. They don’t want to be treated as just another number, they want you to listen to their problems and questions and answer them professionally and quickly, in fact it’s their time that they value the most.

The majority (66%) of adults feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer experience.
(Source Forrester)

We have all been there before, when you need some support or information and a company is not there to help or slow to respond, you feel lost, cheated and aggrieved. 

Among B2B decision makers, lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers is the number one pain point, mentioned twice as often as price.
(Source Temkin Group)

In this fast paced world now, speed is very important, we haven’t got time to waste or wait around for email responses, and we certainly don’t want to sit on hold for hours on end. 

86% of B2B executives prefer using self-service tools for reordering, rather than talking to a sales representative.
(Source McKinsey)

So what does a customer want from a business?
– Excellent customer service
– Fast responses
– Personal approach 

So now we know what customers want and the problems they face, we need to find the solution, and the solution is right there in your customers pockets, on their desk or in their bag – all can be answered with the trusted mobile phone and SMS messaging.

SMS is wonderfully simple and an instant form of communication. No more missed impersonal emails, or long waits on hold – SMS is here to the rescue!

Keep your customers in the loop via simple, effective, personal text messages. Send them important information or better yet, text them to let them know when a customer service advisor will be calling them.

It’s these little personal touches that go the extra mile with customers, and what can help you get and stay ahead of your competition.

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