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SMS messaging and mobile marketing are of great benefit to companies in the hospitality business. Restaurants, hotels, bars, takeaways and so forth live in a hugely competitive world and any advantage gained over the competition can be of crucial importance.

Firstly they need to build a permission based opted in list to aim their marketing at. Run quizzes, competitions, voting campaigns to build interest than broadcast news, special deals to get fast results. Capture the mobile numbers of your customers and text them a thank you, build loyalty with special offers only for existing customers. Encourage customers to text in to you, to reserve tables, place orders or enquire on opening times.

Hospitality businesses not yet using this approach are missing out. Read below the different ways SMS is being used.

With Easter rapidly approaching, many people across the UK are turning their attention towards a hard earned Easter getaway, taking advantage of the rare opportunity that the extra long weekend has to offer. In this article, we look at how SMS Marketing can help guest house owners and operators to take advantage by improving the booking experience, simplifying the booking management process and helping to ensure that your guests receive nothing other than five star service from the outset.

The UK’s thriving eating-out market is worth over £40 Billion and all the evidence indicates this is only set to increase. There has, however, been a huge shift in the way customers interact with eateries. SMS Marketing is an excellent way for restaurants to reach both new and existing customers to keep people coming through the door and filling tables. Read this article to learn how restaurants can use SMS Marketing to their advantage and stay profitable in an ever more challenging climate.

With more and more people than ever before eating out and sampling food from around the world in eateries up and down the country, the restaurant sector is booming. But if you're operating a small business in the hospitality sector, you need to make sure that you keep your premises as full and thriving as possible in order to pay your bills and keep the enterprise sustainable. That's where SMS messaging comes in. In this blog post, we will look at ways you can use SMS messaging to make your business processes more efficient, boost your customer numbers and become the most popular place in town.


In order to appeal to new customers and interact with existing ones, businesses are always looking for new marketing methods. Whilst many companies are using traditional and online marketing techniques, these aren’t always effective. Email filtering, for example, means that many recipients may not even be aware that they’ve received contact from your company. As many email hosts provide in-built spam filters, it’s easy for email marketing content to be overlooked or ignored completely. SMS marketing, however, overcomes many of the obstacles associated with online and email marketing. Whilst potential customers may not see your company emails, SMS messages aren’t filtered in the same way. The delivery rate is, therefore, far higher for SMS messages in comparison to marketing emails.


SMS marketing has seen a huge uplift in popularity in recent years, with big brands investing in the technology to better engage with their customers. There are so many benefits of SMS marketing, from the ability to directly to reach customers with your communications, to the fact that over 80% of SMS texts are read. With over approximately 90% of the world receiving mobile coverage, you’re highly likely to be able to reach your audience, regardless of where they are. SMS marketing is cost effective, and campaigns are quick to develop, in as short a time period as the time it takes to write a text message. This gives you the advantage of being able to communicate quickly, and effectively with customers, reacting to information almost instantaneously. With so many reasons to use SMS marketing, we’ve highlighted four sectors successfully using SMS messaging as case studies to highlight...