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SMS messaging and mobile marketing are of great benefit to companies in the hospitality business. Restaurants, hotels, bars, takeaways and so forth live in a hugely competitive world and any advantage gained over the competition can be of crucial importance.

Firstly they need to build a permission based opted in list to aim their marketing at. Run quizzes, competitions, voting campaigns to build interest than broadcast news, special deals to get fast results. Capture the mobile numbers of your customers and text them a thank you, build loyalty with special offers only for existing customers. Encourage customers to text in to you, to reserve tables, place orders or enquire on opening times.

Hospitality businesses not yet using this approach are missing out. Read below the different ways SMS is being used.

Your customers are likely thinking about food at certain times of the day, and at those times their phone is almost certainly within arms reach. Using SMS marketing you can time your messages perfectly because you know that the time you send them is the time they get read, usually within 2 minutes.