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SMS Marketing: Don’t Forget About Print!

SMS Marketing: Don't forget about print

The focus for advertising campaigns today is often mobile, web, or digital. It’s certainly true that more and more people are using technology for just about everything. But with all that technology, it’s easy to overlook another, more traditional form: Print!

Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Relying on print advertising to promote your SMS marketing messages. But if your business or organisation has a physical presence, doesn’t it make sense to post ads everywhere your customers will see them?

Where to put them

Every business is different, so the list of how you can use print ads is potentially endless. But I’ve put together this list with a variety of ideas for you to use as inspiration. If you don’t have something on the list (like tables!) in your location, think of another way you could use the same idea.

Lavatories – I put this at the top of the list because it’s probably one that everyone will have, but no one has thought of using. Place signage inside stalls, on mirrors, and doors. It’s guaranteed that anyone who uses the facilities will see them (unless you have incredibly opulent and distracting decorations). I read of one restaurant that placed three signs on the mirrors of their restroom. The first sign said “Step 1: Wash hands”, the second said “Step 2: Text” a keyword to their shortcode, and the third said “Step 3: Get 20% off.” The signs were designed in such a way that they stood out so someone would see the numerical sequence and not stop after reading the first (when they’d washed their hands). Try it!

Table & Counter Tents – These little standalone pieces you put around your store, tables, or checkouts are also seen by many of your customers. I know I often read them because there’s not much else to do when I’m waiting for someone in a restaurant or in a queue for the checkout. If you have tables, also consider table wraps. These are special ads that cover an entire table and really get your customer’s attention. You can read more about them in this blog.

Menus and flyers – Some items are just designed for people to look at. Menus are one of those. Include your SMS marketing right on it because you know people will see it! Sales flyers you have in store, or include in direct mail or newspapers are great too. People will look at them to see what sorts of deals they can get. If your SMS program is one of those deals, they just might sign up.

Bag Stuffers – I get these all the time. At the checkout the cashier shoves a piece of paper (or two, or three) into the bag before handing it over. Usually they are coupons good for my next visit or information on a special promotion. What better special promotion is there than your SMS opt in campaign? Especially if you’re including an incentive, like a discount or coupon, for them to opt in.

Digital signage – So this one isn’t technically “print,” but from the customer’s point of view it can look like a sign. If you have a digital sign be sure to include promotions for your SMS campaign. It could be as simple as copying what you already have in print. Just be sure it looks as good on the sign as it does on paper (or vice versa).

Staff Apparel – Do your staff all wear the same shirts? You could print your SMS opt in message right on them. Or, if that’s too permanent a solution for you, create badges with your message printed on them (make them big enough to read). Or you could do something enticing like “Ask me how to save 20%.” When a customer reads that they will probably ask about it, giving your staff the chance to explain how great your SMS program is and give directions to sign up (or better yet, hand them printed instructions!).

As I said, there are probably many more ways you could incorporate printed advertising of your SMS opt in (or other campaign) in your physical location. Hopefully these ideas will get you thinking and growing your list quickly.

Have you had a success in advertising your campaign in print? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us about it in the comments. If you’re a fastsms customer, click the live chat and let us know you have a success story to share and maybe you can get your business featured in our blog.

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