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An SMS shortcode is a 4, 5 or 6 digit number which can receive text messages but not voice calls. Mostly they have 5 digits starting with 6 or 8 – e.g. 87007 or 61612. Whilst it is possible to have your own dedicated shortcode, this is relatively expensive both in setup costs and monthly rental fees. So it is most normal to rent a keyword on a shared shortcode from an agent such as Fastsms.

A keyword can be any combination of letters and numbers. The keyword defines who the message is for and also the actions prompted by the keyword. For example the keyword “QUIZ” might be related to a text based competition by a specific party and their user base might be invited to text QUIZ followed by the answer to the quiz question. Equally the keyword FASTSMS might simply be used to indicate that the message following the keyword is intended for Fastsms.

Getting to grips with the underlying psychology of how audiences react both consciously and subconsciously to your message is key to achieving the maximum effect in any type of marketing. All kinds of things come into play with different media, from colours and shapes to images and videos. Even the way things move can have a powerful effect on a viewer. Unlike many other forms of marketing, however, SMS marketing is unique in that the only tool you have is words - and not many of them. But armed with a basic knowledge of consumer psychology, 456 characters is more than enough to get the desired effect. In this article, we present our six top tips to take advantage of the psychology of SMS messaging.


SMS marketing has come a long way since its introduction to mainstream marketing back in the early 2000’s. As well as dramatic changes in technology, there have also been sweeping changes to the laws governing this powerful and popular form of marketing. With its low cost, high ROI and tremendous versatility, it can now benefit almost every sector. But all this aside, the fundamental rules for successful campaigns remain largely unchanged. So just what are the big do’s and dont’s of SMS marketing? Read this article for six top tips from our team that will help you unlock the key to SMS success


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