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As online retailing becomes more and more common ecommerce is using SMS in a number of innovative ways to make the process faster, easier and more secure.

For a while now companies such as Amazon have used SMS messaging to update customers on the progress of their orders and estimated delivery times. When setting up an online account it is common for the retailer to send an authorisation code by text to cut down on fraud and new services, such as Magic, now offer a service that permits you to order anything from virtually anywhere just by sending a text.

And this may just be the beginning.

81% of mobile phone users use SMS or text messaging and 90% read text messages within three minutes of receipt. But it's not just a convenient way to chat with friends, fix a rendez-vous or remind people to do things; it has also become a powerful marketing tool for businesses large and small, national or global.


Almost any business, or even a not-for-profit company, can take advantage of the frenzy of sporting events, like The Olympics. Especially when you combine it with mobile marketing. That’s because there are plenty of fans, and their devices, here in the UK.


If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that our economic future is uncertain. The world economy reacted to the Brexit vote with unstable and falling stock markets. And no one knows exactly what the Leave vote means for the UK. But there are other uncertainties too. How can SMS help your business in these uncertain times, not just now but in the future.


Sometimes bloggers or journalists get a bit carried away. They see some data or fact, and run off to declare there’s a trend you need to know about. The latest one I’ve seen is all about how to reach the generation of “cashless shoppers”. The argument goes that you need to use SMS messaging to reach customers because they are all shopping online – where you obviously can’t pay in cash.