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How to Capture the Essence of Autumn in Your SMS Marketing Campaign

How to capture the essence of autumn in your SMS Marketing campaign

When it comes to marketing in autumn, it is easy to think purely in terms of the visual appeal of this beautiful season and focus your attention on channels such as Instagram and Pinterest which are without doubt a perfect platform to showcase your creative and capture the essence of the autumn palette. With SMS Marketing, autumn is much harder to embrace – but it is still possible to engage your audience and stimulate their imagination by using the right words.

Whether you are a fashion outlet looking to promote your latest range of scarves and hats, a local cafe with a special warming autumn menu or even an automotive business, a sprinkling of autumn vocabulary will help to entice your customers to buy – as well as proving that you are more than just a robotic marketing machine. With up to 456 characters to play with, don’t be afraid to try some seasonal wording.

Not sure how to use autumn vocabulary for your SMS Marketing campaign? Here’s a list of ideas and how you might use them.


If you want to capture the look and feel of autumn colours, consider using words from the following list: amber, red, burnt, brown, yellow, golden, vivid, vibrant, earthy, ombre, glowing, fiery.

If you are in the fashion or beauty industry, autumn colours are an essential element of the season’s style and interspersing your SMS Marketing campaign with a few carefully chosen colour words will help your customers to conjure up the right mental image.

A hair salon might, for example, send a message reading:

“Golden glow? Oaky Ombre? Why leave it to the leaves to look vivid this autumn? Choose from our range of vibrant autumn hair colours now and get 15% off when you book a re-colour this week.”

If you have an autumn clothing line to promote, let your customers know with a message such as:

“Inspired by autumn? From smouldering reds and fiery oranges to earthy browns, you’re sure to find your colours in our new collection. Present this message for £5 off purchases worth £30 or more.”


Another popular subject that is relevant to many businesses during autumn is temperature. Evocative words to describe temperature include chilly, cold, fresh, nippy, frosty, blustery breezy, bright, gusty.

If you run a cafe or restaurant, take advantage of the warmth and cosiness you can offer customers and invite them to escape into comfort with a message such as:

“Feeling the chill? Warm up and chase away the chills with the range of seasonal specials now available at the Old Oak Restaurant. See our latest menu at oldoak.com/menu”

Or why not try something like:

“Want to escape that cold, blustery weather? Join us at the Regent Restaurant and for a freshly brewed speciality tea that will warm you through and chase out the autumn chills. Pop in weekdays between 2pm – 4pm for our special offer tea for two.”

Picking up on the autumnal weather is also a great approach for holiday companies and tour operators offering late getaways. Such companies can highlight the contrast in temperature and entice customers to find out more with a simple text message using a similar style to those above.

For those in the automotive sales and service industry, the first frost traditionally marks the unofficial beginning of the autumn/winter sales season – but why not get ahead and remind customers of what’s to come?

“Beat the frost with our special offer on winter driving essentials. Antifreeze, de-icer, scrapers and more all available at great discounts in our pre-season sale this week only.”

“Don’t get left out in the cold – book your car in for a winter check-up now and get 10% off a full fluids replacement.”

Sounds / Textures

Words that convey autumn sounds such as crisp, crackling, crunchy, rustling, roaring and howling can all be used to great effect and create a real sense of atmosphere.

They are especially well suited to businesses which rely on creating a cosy, homely experience such as hotels, restaurants and country clubs. Just picture the attraction of a roaring natural wood fire or the gentle crackling of a modern fireplace when the wind is howling outside… With a little creativity, you should be able to come up with something similar to the examples illustrated above.

Avoid the puns

One thing we would recommend when it comes to autumn campaigns is avoiding the many seasonal puns that are floating around out there – it might seem clever to send a customer a “Sorry to see you’re leafing…” message followed by an incentive to get them to stay that’ll “blow them away” – but few people are likely to appreciate such poor attempts at humour and the use of these kinds of jokes in marketing has historically had a tendency to backfire.

A well-balanced sprinkling of appropriate autumn vocabulary can be the magic ingredient for an effective and enticing SMS Marketing campaign. Not only will it show your audience that you are not simply churning out the same message again and again, but also remind them that you are in fact very much human and aware of the subtly changing environment around you and your business all year round. This is important for building customer trust and engagement and helps to ensure that your SMS Marketing campaigns keep on receiving the attention they deserve.

Here at FastSMS, we have helped businesses of all sizes and profiles to grow with our low-cost bulk business SMS packages. As well as offering some of the UK’s most competitive prices, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and offer 24/7 help to ensure that you can get the most out of SMS Marketing. To learn more, call us today on 0800 954 5305.

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