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More Examples of Calls to Action in an SMS Message

More Examples of Calls to Action in an SMS Message

In my last blog I shared two examples of SMS marketing messages I received and how their call to action worked, or not. This time I want to share two more examples to help you in crafting your SMS marketing messages.  First though, here’s a quick review.

A call to action is the part of a message (usually marketing in nature) that tells the reader what you want them to do. It needs to be clear and easy to do. And in an SMS message, it has to be short too.

Now on to the examples. Note that I’ve replaced the links in the actual messages with “[LINK]” so you know where they were in the flow of the message.

Example One

This first message came from a cinema ticket vendor:

VIP ALERT: Buy INSURGENT tix now and get a FREE eBook of Divergent: [LINK]. Not a VIP? Sign up for FREE: [LINK]

What do you think? Pretty clear isn’t it? But which link do they want you to click on? The first link is for people already signed up for the VIP program. The second link is for people who want to sign up for the VIP program. So is the message about selling tickets to the movie or about growing their VIP list?

One of the golden rules of copywriting (the business of crafting marketing messages in written form) is the call to action should be singular. Could a message like the one above work? Yes it could. But what if they sent one message promoting tickets to their existing VIP list, and another to the regular list members focusing on growing the VIP list?

Chances are both messages would do much better because they would be more targeted. But I’m assuming they actually segment their lists so they know who is on the VIP list and who is on the regular one. If they don’t, they should.

Crafting one message, with two calls to action, sent to a broad range of people who may or may not be interested in either offer isn’t a formula for success. Focus your messages on a single call to action. If you need to reach different groups then make sure you can segment your list so each gets the appropriate call to action. Don’t try to fit it in all at once. The message may work to some extent anyway, but you’re hurting your chances for achieving even higher ROI.

Example Two

Here is the final example I want to share, and the only one I found to have a good, clear call to action and also be a great SMS message in general. But it isn’t from a retail company sending a marketing message. It’s from my son’s dentist. I’ve substituted identifying information for the office in brackets:

Nathaniel – you are overdue for your dental visit. Please call [Dentist name] @ [Dentist number] to set up an appointment.

See? It’s simple, straight to the point, and offers all the information you need to act on their call to action. And it even tells you in the message what to do!  On my mobile, the phone number is actually clickable so all I had to do was click on it to call the office and make the appointment.

It’s easy to assume people will know what to do after they read your SMS message. And undoubtedly many will. But remember that people read their messages on the go. They may be running to catch the Tube, feeding the baby, or out looking for a job. While the read rate for SMS messages is almost 100%, you may not have their full attention when they read it. Do your best to make it clear what you want them to do, so they can do it without having to think too much!

What do you think? Did I pick the most effective message as the best, or do you think one of the other examples (including the ones in my previous blog) is better?

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