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5 Fantastic Spring SMS Marketing Phrases

5 Fantastic Spring SMS Marketing Phrases

After what has felt like an endless winter, spring is with us. And what better time than this celebration of new life to breathe some new life into your SMS Marketing campaign? No matter what your niche, with a little creativity there is always a way to get a seasonal message into your marketing. Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas that you could adopt or adapt.

1. Time for a spring clean

Of course, spring is the season when we traditionally replace old with new, get rid of clutter and generally tidy up our homes, gardens, etc. So how can you turn this into a winning sales message? If you offer any services related to the above, then this could be the perfect opener for you SMS. From gardening services and window cleaners to self-storage companies, skip hire firms to house-clearance companies and auction houses, there are a huge number of businesses whose activities are completely related to spring cleaning. Why not test a message that reads something like:

“Time for a spring clean? Sparkly Glass window cleaners will get those windows sparkling in no time! Call us now on 0345 345 345 and quote ‘Spring Deal’ to get 10% off your first booking!”

The exact same format will work equally well for any of the companies mentioned above, as well as numerous others.

2. Put the spring in your Step

If you are responsible for marketing a brand within the fashion or health and beauty sectors, this is a great way to start the conversation with both new and existing customers. From teeth whitening clinics to hair stylists, nail parlours to opticians and fashion retailers – any business that helps people to look and feel fantastic could use this popular phrase to get just the right message to the people who matter. Whether you are offering a discounted treatment, a free gift, a special draw or any other promotion, it is easy to craft a message around your offer:

“Put the spring back into your step with Hair by Jane! Book an appointment now on 02783 345234 and quote voucher code SpringGift to claim your free bottle of Hairtastic everyday serum…”

If you provide an online booking system or have an eCommerce website, you can also link the code up with your online checkout for best results.

3. Spring into fabulous action

As many will testify, it is far easier to think about springing into fabulous action that actually following through on your promise – but if you are in marketing, that is exactly what you need to do, and you need to encourage your customers to do exactly the same. If you are selling a product or service that lends itself to such a notion, then this could be an ideal phrase around which to build a spring campaign. It is well suited to businesses such as gyms, health clubs, outdoor activity centres and those in the skills and training sectors. It could also be a great fit for recruitment agencies and also charities to name but a few.

“Spring into fabulous action! Book your personal training programme with NJFitness today and you’ll be on the way to getting the body you desire within weeks. Call now on 07985 354674 or visit njfitness.co.uk for more information.”

With a slightly different take, the same phrase could be adapted to suit a range of companies in the financial sector, for example:

“Still dreaming about that new car? Spring into fabulous action and make it happen today with a personal loan from ABCLoans.com. Enter SPRING on our online simulator to unlock your special deals! T&C’s at www.abcloans.co.uk/terms.”

4. Hello Spring

Short and snappy, totally contemporary. If this sounds like your brand, then this is a great spring opener that just hits the spot. What a perfect way to begin a message regardless of your niche. No matter what you have to offer, it is easy to craft a message based on this phrase and unlike many popular phrases, there is no contextual limitation.

One industry that springs to mind (pun intended) is the fashion retail industry, who might use it to introduce their new seasonal lines with a message such as:

Hello Spring! Pop in-store now or hop online to see our stunning and stylish all new spring range….”

5. Spring is in the air

“Spring is in the air – and you could be too with our all-inclusive 5 night Easter breaks from just £499pp…”

What better phrase could you use to market your early season getaways, especially with the Easter long weekend fast approaching. Especially suitable for travel agents and flight companies, the message could also work well for loans and credit card companies offering personal finance for holidays.

To spring into action with SMS Marketing now, call our award-winning team of experts today on 0800 945 5305 and we’ll get things happening for your business in no time.

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