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There are many different ways a business or organisation can benefit from SMS messaging. So when you are starting to look at using SMS it can be helpful to learn how other people are using it and what their experience is so far.

The SMS case studies we publish are from a wide variety of business sectors and feature small local operations as well as large multinationals. But even if we have yet to publish a case study for your kind of organisation we can often still point you at an existing user prepared to share their experience. Just email us or grab us on chat to see what we can do.

Webinars have become a standard form of lead generation marketing. The numbers vary by study, but generally agree that over 60% of marketers use webinars. One thing that's true for all of them is: not everyone that registers will attend. On average about 40-50% of registrants will actually show up. How can SMS help?


This SMS messaging case study explains how a student at the University of West England used the fastsms API in an experimental project aiming to improve vehicle safety. The post is Q&A session between Thomas West, the student, and fastsms, relating how the project unfolded.