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fastsms profiled in 60 seconds

We aren’t ones to toot our own horn that often, but being featured in a magazine doesn’t happen everyday. It did happen though, so we’re excited and wanted to share it with you.

The August edition of Corporate Vision magazine focused on start-ups in the UK. The magazine has a “60 Seconds” section which is a take on the need to be able to explain your business in 60 seconds or less. They asked some great questions to our own Oliver Burt, Marketing Director, who undoubtedly succeeded in 60 seconds or less.

In his allotted time, he was able to highlight some of the best aspects of fastsms as a company.

Unique is the word...

What makes you unique? That’s what everyone wants to know. And everyone expects a simple answer like being the cheapest, the fastest, or the oldest company. We’ve had conversations about what our one uniqueness is, but it isn’t just one thing. It’s the combination of things we’ve put together that make us unique. We have the most reliable technology (you can find the uptime of our service right on our webpage), and we offer a higher level of support for free, 24/7, than any other SMS company in the UK. Whether you send 100 or 100,000 messages a month, you have access to the same great support.  Oliver said it best in the article, we have  “the most competitive prices on the market without ever compromising on quality.”

Challenges we face for our customers

We never stand still. We’re always looking ahead, planning, testing, and implementing new features, user interface improvements, and tools to support our customers. And the biggest challenge within that is delivering our service in a way that anyone can use. It needs to be powerful, yet simple. Each update we provide needs to make things better, easier, and most of all, make our customers happy. We don’t always get it right in every detail. And we’re grateful when our customers let us know what they like, what they don’t, and what new things they need. We look at every change as a step forward towards the best solution.

In the article, Oliver talked about these challenges. But in reality these challenges are just what we do every day. We take them in our stride, so that you, our customer can simply use the service without a lot of stress or fuss.

Technology is still about people

We run a technology company. SMS messaging as we know it wouldn’t exist if the technology wasn’t there to support it. But we feel our business is still about people. One of our goals is to provide the highest level of UK based support and advice 24/7. You can contact us through Live Chat, Email or phone and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions, regardless of how much you’ve spent with us. We’ll give you honest advice and not tell you things designed to sell you a more expensive solution to your problem.

We’re also focused on the detailed needs of our customers. We encourage them to ask for features or changes they think will make using our service better. Our in-house development team responds as quickly as possible to those requests while also staying up to date with changes in technology that might also help our customers.

Obviously we think what we’re doing is pretty cool, or we’d be doing it differently. Our customers seem to really like us too. And with that, the horn has been tooted, and the blog will return to its regularly scheduled posts next week.

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