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NetMessenger is our flagship solution for sending and receiving SMS text messages. It is free to sign up and is accessible through any browser from any device. There is no software to download, it gets updated frequently and providing you have access to the internet you can use it anywhere on the planet.

It has a comprehensive set of features for creating messages, either individually or in bulk. You can customise the content, like with a mail merge, and create templates to save time with repeat messages. You create contact groups, distribution lists and campaigns to handle recipients. There are powerful features for scheduling outgoing messages. Reliability is extremely high and delivery of messages fast and reliable.

It’s been an exciting year here at fastsms. We’ve pulled the highlights together and asked Operations Director Sandy Burt to give us his thoughts on this year, and what he’s looking forward to in 2017.


Wow, what a year! While it's hard to believe it's over, 2015 turned out to be one of our best. It was so good, I thought it was worth reliving it once again before we head into 2016. Here are the highlights for Fastsms that make us puff out our chests and tear up with pride...