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We released the newest version of our browser based SMS service, NetMessenger 2 (NM2), in January. NM2 was developed based on customer feedback and new capabilities we wanted to introduce. Since then, we’ve continued to improve it in response to comments and requests from our customers.

Though existing customers likely have seen the changes already, we wanted to share the news with everyone.  Here’s a quick run-down of the new features we offer with every account:

Enhanced security

You’re probably hearing about security breaches, identity theft, and hacking all the time. We’ve heard it too, and even though we maintain the highest levels of security on our systems there is still a way your account could be hacked: someone with your account information can log in as you from anywhere. That couldn’t happen you say, because you’ve created an incredibly obscure account password unique to just your fastsms account right? Hmm, we thought so.

Insecure passwords are one of the main ways hackers steal account information. To thwart the bad guys and make your password secure, we’ve implemented a password strength indicator along with some forced rules based on best practices in the security industry. Annoying we know, but better annoyed than to have your account hacked.

In addition, we’ve added the ability to restrict logins based on IP address. This allows you to specify locations that can access your account. This works really well to allow only employees on your company premises to login (or just you if you have a personal account). It’s also a way to ensure a disgruntled ex-employee or someone on garden leave can’t send text messages out to your list with embarrassing, or inaccurate, information. If you want to know more about how this works, just call, email, or use the chat here on the website.

Interactive support centre

Gone are the long, boring, can’t-find-what-you-want manuals we used to have. Our new support centre is entirely interactive and constantly evolving. All you need to do is type in a search term and you’ll get a list of related information. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us. We’ll answer your question and add it to the support centre for everyone else to see too.

We want to emphasize this isn’t a once and done feature. Our intention is to grow this so you have access to the most comprehensive information on our service possible.

Updated NetMessenger  2 navigation

NM 2 was built to be an easy, intuitive interface for managing text messages with a browser. So being able to easily get around NM 2 is important to us and to you. Many of our customers made some suggestions about which features they use most and how nice it would be to get to them quicker. In response we’ve moved Groups, Tags and the Blacklist up to the main navigation level. No more hunting for these features.

Keyword importer

Some customers have a lot of keywords. Enough they don’t want to type each of them in. So when they asked us for an import function we said “We can do that”. And now it’s ready. Inside each account is the option to select import keywords using a csv file. Specific instructions and formatting are available right there under the VMN settings.

This is another example of how we’re working hard to make fastsms the easiest SMS service available.

Alerts system

Ever log into an website and notice a new look or that things aren’t quite the same anymore? It can be a frustrating experience when something you’ve grown accustomed to changes.

To help our customers avoid frustration and wasted time trying to figure out what changed and why, we’ve created an alert system. It’s used to announce changes and new features as we make them. Not that we’re intending to keep mixing things up just because we can. But in our quest to make the system the best it can be, we do need to make changes from time to time.

We always send out important announcements via email too.

You can find out more about NetMessenger 2 features on our website, or you can ask any questions via chat, email or phone. We really want to make our service work for you so just ask!

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