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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing refers to a wide range of activities that businesses can use to promote their business or achieve efficiencies in their operations. The “Mobile” bit implies that these interactions occur between the business and the mobile devices of its customers or potential customers – i.e. to and from their phones, tablets and to some extent laptops.

The main element of this is SMS Marketing where text messaging is used to build opted in mailing lists, promote brand awareness, publicise events and distribute special offers.

Inbound SMS marketing persuades potential customers to text into a Shortcode or Virtual Mobile Number a response that includes permission to send them further marketing messages. This might include competitions, voting campaigns or basic enquiries. Once you have acquired an opted-in list you can run outbound SMS marketing campaigns to share product information, special offers, opening hours, event notifications and much more.

Mobile marketing also covers banner advertising on mobile websites and Bluetooth Proximity marketing. This is a technique where a retail premise can send out marketing messages to passers-by via Bluetooth.

Read the posts below for lots of examples of how Mobile Marketing works. You can also view our detailed Mobile Marketing Guide.

Mobile marketing is one of, if not the most effective marketing channel around today. SMS marketing receives open and response rates that businesses could only dream of, no longer are businesses hoping that their adverts don’t get missed in the back of magazines, or that their emails don’t go into their customers junk folders - welcome to the wonderful world of SMS marketing! But why is mobile marketing so effective? Well a recent Ofcom report probably reveals exactly why, the UK are addicted to their mobile phones!  We all love our mobile phones. They are our new best friends. They are our new family member that we love and take everywhere with us… To work, to bed, to the toilet and even on holiday. It’s this very addiction that is making SMS marketing so effective and powerful for businesses all over the world. Imagine sending your customers a message about your latest sale, new...

Businesses are regularly saying that SMS marketing is the most effective marketing channel around today. Massive open rates, huge response rates and plenty of click throughs. It’s simply a fact that SMS marketing is incredibly effective.  The mobile phone is such a huge part of modern day life, not only helping to keep us entertained throughout the day, but also helping us through our everyday tasks. Making payments, checking your bank balance, watching films, listening to music, responding to emails etc. etc. Have all become the norm with our mobile phones, so it’s no wonder that mobile marketing is pretty much untouchable when it comes to open rates. Mobile marketing can also be used for all types of business to customer communications. Sales and marketing offers, notifications and appointment reminders, customer service and just any general news or updates. However knowing where to start within any marketing venture can be a little tricky...

We are always looking for ways to improve our business, whether that be internally or externally. Office improvements, processes, communication, marketing, customer support or sales - it’s important for any business not to stand still. One thing businesses are always trying to improve on is of course sales. Sales. Sales. Sales. The more the merrier and the bigger the better. And this usually lands on the heads of the sales guys or the marketing team.  Within marketing, marketeers are always looking for new ways to get ahead of their competition or ways to improve their current marketing exploits. Higher open rates. More responses. More click throughs. More sales. We all know mobile marketing is the perfect way for any business to communicate with it’s customers, whether that be appointment reminders, customer support, delivery information or generating more sales.  75% of people would like offers sent to them via SMS Source: Digital Marketing Magazine So we thought...

Sadly there was no Murray on the player list when Wimbledon officially opened earlier this week, but nonetheless the tournament of all tennis tournaments is still guaranteed to impress. With a little creativity, national and international sports events such as Wimbledon can offer fantastic SMS marketing opportunities. In this article, we explore how to make the most of Wimbledon in your SMS marketing.

With football such an important part of British culture, the World Cup offers a fantastic sales opportunity for companies of all different shapes and sizes - all you need is a great idea to get a themed campaign up and running. And the beauty of SMS Marketing - you can set up and start running a campaign almost instantly. To help you make the most of this exciting event, we've prepared a football themed infographic to offer some insipration and ideas to get you thinking.