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Black Friday week is here! But there is still plenty of time…

The Black Friday madness is well underway, with the majority of the big retailers starting their usual Black Friday week campaigns yesterday, from Amazon to John Lewis, Black Friday is certainly showing no signs of slowing down this year!

Every year the Black Friday sales figures unbelievably get bigger and bigger. However last years stats showed the retail industry a very interesting trend, not surprisingly perhaps, but online retail sales in the UK hit the dizzying heights of £1.4 Billion on the Friday alone.

Interestingly, of that £1.4 Billion, 39% was purchased through a smartphone, meaning that the smartphone is now the preferred number one device overtaking desktops and tablets. So any and every retailer hoping to have a successful Black Friday, needs to make sure they have their mobile marketing plan in place, as the mobile is again set to be the main device again this year.


We have written a Black Friday marketing guide that should hopefully help anyone looking to get the most out of Black Friday – however some things to think about on your campaign are…

Your offer
Make it as simple as possible to claim.

When your are going to send
Think about which day and at what time you are going to send your campaign. Send multiple times, maybe split your database in half and spread out your sends to ease the pressure on your website.

Remember the details
Make sure you remember to clearly say who you are and include a link to your website or your specific Black Friday sale page.

This year we ran our first ever Black Friday free credit sale, and we have had a huge response from lots of our customers, some in retail looking to send some extra Black Friday campaigns, and some not in retail at all and just looking to top up on some free credits.

Don’t worry you still have time to take advantage of our deal, you can also claim the deal multiple times!

Our Black Friday SMS Offer
Any purchase over 1,000 credits will receive an extra 15% free sms credits! The offer can be used multiple times but cannot be used with any existing offer or discount SMS credit price.
Our offer ends on the 30th November, so make sure you take full advantage of our free credits offer.