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Those who own fleets of vehicles, whether HGVs or Taxis, need to be able to coordinate quickly and effectively with their assets ‐ SMS allows managers to send important information such as job details and further instructions directly to drivers within seconds.

A common practice these days is to receive alerts, by email, about the availability of stock, but also growing is the ability to receive such alerts by text, especially for those who need to know urgently or simply don't have access to email.

On many websites you can track the progress of your order by signing in if you have an account. Giving customers the option to receive such updates via text is a cheap and easy way to gather mobile information as well as improve brand image.

International Health organisations can now provide support to those travelling abroad by SMS; this is particularly helpful for those travelling for long durations through many countries, such as backpackers.

Many holiday destinations are now publishing a 'Textline' with promotional materials for tourists to text in to asking questions ranging from travel information to directions to places of interest and personal emergencies.