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When something goes wrong it can cost you money and reputation, so you need to keep informed about it as soon as possible to keep downtime to a minimum. Using our API this can be built in to notify you automatically as soon as something goes wrong.

As with hardware, certain software systems need constant monitoring to maintain them, this is yet another instance where SMS can provide a quick and cheap method of notification should something go wrong.

When someone forgets their password to a system they can request for it to be sent to the mobile phone registered to that account as an SMS ‐ this provides customers with a piece of mind about forgetting sensitive information. This can also be used to distribute passcodes for to more than more person - for example, this months keypad code to an employee car park.

Some systems in place are maintained externally, such as many alarm and security systems. Text alerts can be set up in case of failure to go directly to the engineer who needs to come and fix the problem, and even have yourself 'copied' in on the transmission. This is proven to decrease response times dramatically.