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Mobile marketing is probably the fastest growing tool in the marketer's armoury at the current time. It is quick and easy to implement, inexpensive to set up and operate and works just great for all kinds of companies and organisations. Because it sends your marketing message straight to someone's mobile phone it grabs their attention and open rates of up to 98% are common. Compare that to the 22% open rate of email marketing.

There are several Business SMS suppliers now in the UK and as the use of SMS messaging mushrooms there are new suppliers appearing regularly. So how do you choose a supplier? It's only a text message surely you just buy the cheapest? Aren't they much of a muchness? The answer is No on two counts. Let me explain why.

It is now possible to incorporate a SIM card into virtually any piece of equipment or machinery such that it can send and receive text messages. For example many of the windmills in wind farms are fitted with SIM cards that enable them to report faults and weather conditions as alerts back to a central control point. As an alternative to a SIM card, any machine that has access to an internet connection can also send and receive text messages using Fastsms. So web servers can send alerts by SMS and even receive instructions back via SMS.

There are several instances, both technological and industrial where environments have to be carefully monitored and maintained, there are a wide range of monitoring systems available, but not many with SMS capabilities ‐ any email enabled system can be used to send SMS using our simple SMTP API.