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NetMessenger Quick Start Guide

netmessenger quick start guideNetMessenger is our web-based 2 way SMS messaging platform and offers the widest range of features of any of our SMS solutions.

NetMessenger enables you to send any quantity of text messages, singly or in bulk, to over 500 networks in over 200 countries. It delivers them quickly and reliably and enables you to examine the status of every single message you send.

Equally NetMessenger can receive SMS text messages using either:

Virtual Mobile Numbers: 11 digit numbers starting with 07 (e.g. 0777123456) which deliver messages into your NetMessenger inbox; or

SMS Shortcodes: 5 digit numbers, e.g. 87007, which can perform similar functions but more too.

NetMessenger provides extensive facilities for managing contacts and contact groups; for archiving and analysing both inbound and outbound messages and handling the scheduling and customisation of bulk messages.

Because it’s a cloud based service, you can access through any browser, you can log in and use the system any time and any place when you have an internet connection.

To get started we strongly recommend you sign up for a free account. It takes a minute, costs nothing, doesn’t need card details and even gives you some free message credits to try it out. Once you have done that have a look at our Quick Start Guide. you can either download it as a pdf document or use our Fastsms Support Centre to access even more help and advice.

If there is anything you are not sure about grab us on Live Chat – you’ll see the button at the bottom right of the page. Or if you don’t fancy that call us or email us. Our aim is to get you using the system, how you want, before you need to spend any money.

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