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Will you be sending your New Year’s Eve texts to a sink?

Metallic Kitchen sink

One of the amazing things about SMS messaging is the ability to reach out and send messages to those we care about instantaneously: birthday wishes, get well soons, Merry Christmases, and of course Happy New Years!

But there’s something special about New Year’s wishes. After you’ve had your traditional kiss and hug as the bell tolls, you grab your mobile and send your “Happy New Year!” text to everyone you care about who’s not at the party. Millions of people (literally) are doing the same thing at the same time.

What happens to all those messages? Well, imagine a sink, and that all those messages are water flowing into the sink. Normally the water (messages) just runs down the drain (the connection to the network) and out to the pipes. But when the drain is clogged, or when the sink is full before you open the drain, the water goes out very slowly.

So in this analogy, all those New Year’s messages fill up the sink faster than they can drain out. In actuality, the messages are being sent to the network providers faster than they can process and send them on to the recipients. The networks have limited bandwidth to send the messages and they easily get overwhelmed at midnight when those millions of messages go out. It could take hours for your message to be delivered. That turns your message from a happy sentiment into an annoying wakeup call when your friend’s mobiles start dinging or vibrating after they’ve gone to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

One way to avoid this overcrowded situation is to use fastsms to send your New Year’s messages. You can schedule them ahead of time or send them at midnight using any of our solutions and they will still get delivered as they normally would – in less than 10 seconds. It isn’t magic though. Our service by-passes the network providers processing, and delivers your message directly to the SMS gateways. These direct connections are like removing the sink entirely and just feeding the messages right into the drain – but into a drain that is much bigger than the one attached to the sink.

If you aren’t yet using fastsms as your SMS service provider, you still have time to sign up before the parties begin. It takes less than 1 minute and just three simple steps to create your free account. Why not get started now and enjoy the party on New Year’s Eve?

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