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10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Valentines Day SMS Campaign

With the New Year only just behind us, it might seem to the average person that Valentine’s day is far away in the future. For those in marketing, however, the time to be planning your Valentine’s Day campaign is now. In this article, we share ten of the most popular phrases for this annual celebration of love that are perfectly suited to SMS Marketing.

1. Love is in the air

Nice and simple, this phrase has no risky connotations and is ideally suited to introducing a promotion. A simple sales SMS message might begin as follows:

“Love is in the air! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 10% of all orders placed online by midnight on Feb 14th…”

Or for example,

“Love is in the air… and we’d like to share it with our very special Valentine’s Day offer…”

2. Love is for giving

If you are planning to run a giveaway as part of your Valentine’s Day sales campaign, then this is the obvious choice. Whether you are giving away bonus products, free samples or bolt-ons to subscription packages such as mobile phone packages, gym subscriptions and more, this is a perfect opener for an SMS message. For example:

“Love is for giving – that’s why we’re giving all of our members the chance to upgrade to the platinum package at a discounted price of just £15/mth extra…”

3. Falling in love is so hard on the knees

An amusing take on the traditional, romantic quotes and sayings, this is an opener that just begs to be used by jewellers, flower shops and other businesses who have a direct connection to those die-hard romantics who might choose to get engaged on the day of love – as well as those who just like to enjoy celebrating the occasion. With a little creativity and humour, it could work equally well for other businesses – even those selling chocolates for example:

“Falling in love is so hard on the knees. Luckily an exquisite Valentine’s chocolate gift box from our special collection will say it just as well…”

4. We are most alive when we’re in love

If you are offering an incredible product or unbeatable offer that your customers are just guaranteed to fall in love with, then give this one a go. It is well suited to clothing retailers, as well as those in the health and beauty industry. Fitness businesses may also be able to add their own twist to it and focus on the feeling alive aspect. Focus on the ‘feeling alive’ experience offered by your products or services for the best results.

5. Love is an Art, which comes from the Heart

A slightly different take on the typical, this romantic saying could have been written for anybody in the gift or art business. If you have a range of unique, artistic gifts or jewellery that is ideal for Valentine’s, then this would be the perfect introduction. It is especially well suited to the many online retailers who will be aiming to push gift sales during this period.

“Love is an Art, Which comes from the Heart – like our stunning range of handcrafted jewellery that is guaranteed to make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s Day…”

6. Sweets for my sweet. Sugar for my honey

Well, what more can we say – this one speaks for itself. Perfect for any business that caters for those with a sweet tooth…

7. Money Can Buy You Love

A slightly cheeky take on an old classic, this could be the ideal opener for companies providing personal finance, be it personal loans or credit options on more expensive goods, from holidays to cars or even mortgages. This particular phrase could combine well with a shortcode option for use in a wider media campaign, which might feature a Call to Action (CTA) such as:

“Money Can Buy You Love. Make the dream come true with a personal loan – text LOVE to 87007 now to request an instant eligibility check.”

8. Take my breath away

Inspired by the soundtrack from the all-time classic film ‘Top Gun’, this is a phrase that almost everybody can relate to and lends itself to experience based companies such as holiday agents who are offering romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day. For a little bit of personalisation, you could consider switching ‘my’ to ‘his’ or ‘her’ – but be sure that you know your customer if trying this approach.

9. All you need is love…

Continuing on the lyrical theme, this popular Beatles title just begs to be used in your marketing campaign. Another perfect opener for Valentine’s special offers and promotions, consider reaching out to your customers with a message such as:

“ All you need is love… that’s why we are offering all of our customers a very special Valentine’s 10% off for one week only…”

10. Dance & Dine this Valentine

A catchy rhyme rather than a saying, if you are in the restaurant business this is an obvious one to base your Valentine’s SMS Marketing campaign around. Because it is so catchy, it is likely to stick in your customer’s minds, making them much more likely to come back to your offer above others.

“Wine & Dine this Valentine with a table for 2 in our sumptuous mezzanine restaurant. We guarantee incredible food and a night to remember. Book now to avoid disappointment.”


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