Looking for a user manual?

For those times when you really need user manuals, download them here

You’ll always find up to date descriptions, tips, and information in our support centre. That’s because we take our customers’ feedback, make improvements to the system, and then update the support centre so you always have the latest information.

But if you’re one of those people that prefers to read the manual, and we know you’re out there, you can download the PDF versions.

These are also great if you don’t yet have an account (Why not? It’s free!) and want to see what’s inside before you sign up.

But since we don’t update the PDFs as often, we still encourage you to sign up to have access to the latest information in our support centre for free.

If you find something in the manual doesn’t look quite right, you can look it up in the support centre or contact us. We’d be happy to help you understand how things work with the latest system.

netmessenger quick start guide

Quick Start Guide

New users can get started sending messages right away with this quick start guide to fastsms. It covers everything from logging in your first time to sending your first message.

Full User Manual

NetMessenger user manual

You can access all the features of our service using our web-based SMS solution called NetMessenger. This manual provides instructions on how to use the basic and advanced features available.

Outlook SMS

SMS for Outlook

For those who decide to use our Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) SMS solution, this manual will guide you on how to send messages, manage contacts, and make the most of the advanced features of OMS.