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Fastsms Mobile Marketing Guide

mobile marketing servicesMobile marketing is probably the fastest growing tool in the marketer’s armoury at the current time. It is quick and easy to implement, inexpensive to set up and operate and works just great for all kinds of companies and organisations.

Because it sends your marketing message straight to someone’s mobile phone it grabs their attention and open rates of up to 98% are common. Compare that to the 22% open rate of email marketing.

This immediacy coupled with the apparent limitation of having to restrict messages to 160 characters makes mobile marketing ideal for delivering very specific calls to action.

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  • The possibilities are relatively limitless

Does this sound to be good to be true? Is mobile marketing really that easy?

The answer is yes but…

There are some simple principles you are wise to follow when creating a mobile marketing campaign. They are nothing difficult but you do need to know about them. And this is where the Fastsms Mobile Marketing Guide comes into its own. This document will give you the basics to follow including:

  • EU Regulations
  • Permissions
  • Getting Started
  • The Strategy
  • The Message

So, if you are considering or investigating the introduction of mobile marketing campaigns in your organisation we would recommend you download the guide, make a list of questions or ideas you’d like to discuss and then either call or email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk or just grab us on chat. We have literally thousands of users running these campaigns so can save you loads of time by sharing best practice.

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