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How to Increase Website Traffic with SMS Messaging

How to increase website traffic with SMS messaging

There are a lot of reasons to use SMS messaging. One of the best ones is to use SMS messaging to get people to your website. Or to get them to your website again.

Here are a few ideas on how to reach out to anyone on your opt in list that’s already made a purchase from you, shown interest in your products or services, or signed up for special deals. But before I get to some examples remember to follow good SMS messaging protocol:

Keep it short, relevant to the receiver, and always include opt out instructions.

The body of the SMS message should include a shortened URL that gets them to your website so you can market to, or inform, them again. Without further ado, here are just a few suggestions when to use a URL in a SMS message:

  • Send them to a special offer page – the landing page could include discounts, buy one get one free offers, or special deals limited to text message customers
  • Send them to a video – for customers who’ve already purchased from you, think about sending them to a how to video on your website for the product they just purchased
  • Provide a quick link to restock supplies – send a reminder to them to purchase refills or accessories for a previously purchased product and include a direct link to the refill or accessory.

There are endless variations on the theme here, but the idea is to get them back to your website so you can keep yourself fresh in their mind. Also while they are visiting, they may find something else to purchase. At the very least they will be thinking about your brand.

Bear in mind also that the landing page you send people too has to be mobile-friendly. You are not going to get many visitors responding to your SMS message from any device other than a phone so make it good!

You can also make it a little more fun if you’ve got the budget. I signed up for special deals from a cinema. This summer they’ll send a SMS message each week that directs me to a special page on their website with a “scratch-off” discount ticket. I rub my finger over the ticket on the screen and my discount or free code appears. But the destination for the URL in your message doesn’t have to be that fancy – just be sure it is a direct link to something useful, not your home page. Have you used SMS messages to get people to your website? If so leave a comment sharing how you got on.

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