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SMS text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to raise the profile of your business, communicate with your customers and send direct information to the people you most want to target. It's a highly cost-effective way to reach customers as most people carry a mobile phone on them every day.  If you work within the retail sector, SMS messaging presents several opportunities for you to reach and connect with customers, with the aim of generating increased sales. For some of the main reasons SMS marketing is ideal for retailers, read on.

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools businesses can use to raise awareness of their product and service, directly communicating with their target audience. As with everything you invest time and money into, you'll want to understand how SMS messaging can help you to grow your business so that you see the direct return on your investment. Here we've listed out some of the key ways SMS marketing can help you grow your business, and achieve your objectives.

SMS marketing is one of the most popular forms of communication when it comes to efficient, cost effective customer contact. SMS marketing allows businesses to connect directly with their customers and customers the opportunity to contact your business at a time that suits them. Across several sectors including hospitality, leisure, and retail to name but a few, businesses are making improvements to their customer experience offering through effective SMS marketing. Here we've listed out some of the key ways SMS marketing can help to improve your customer experience offering.


When handled correctly, SMS can be a dream partner for e-commerce and has a well-deserved place in your customer service suite. Once you have the all-important opt-in for SMS marketing compliance, you can begin to use SMS as a way to differentiate your e-commerce offer to make your customers' purchasing experience particularly pleasurable.