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Is the future of the mobile phone really going backwards to a “dumbphone”? Some would have you think it’s true. But while a few may choose to go retro for a time, there isn’t any doubt that “smart” is here to stay. Read on to see what the fuss is about.


So what was the first ever smartphone available? Here we discuss whether it was the Simon from IBM back in 1992 or maybe the Ericsson GS88, or the Nokia 9000 communicator a year earlier. Whichever it's hard to imagine a world without smartphones yet almost as difficult to accept they've been around for 20 - 25 years.


There can be no one involved in business today - from production to marketing - who would defend one isolated strategy for reaching target markets and effectively engaging with them. In an increasingly individualistic and atomized society, today's consumers discover and engage with brands through a wide variety of mediums and connectors.


A few weeks ago, Facebook executive Mendelsohn stated that in five years she expects the social network “will probably be all video”. Nicola Mendelsohn is the vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African operations for the company. She has an extensive resume going all the way back to 1992. There’s no denying she likely knows what she’s talking about. But while you can’t deny the impact of video on Facebook and the Internet in general, is her prediction implying the actual death of text?


Automakers, mobile phone manufacturers and industrious entrepreneurs have tried to come up with solutions to make driving safer in a world where people rely on their mobiles 24/7. All the solutions work to some extent but how well they work varies. But one they have in common is offering ways to access your phone without having to look at it while driving.