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SMS improving business communication externally and internally

There are thousands of hugely impressive success stories around how SMS has improved and helped businesses externally, increasing sales and improving customer experience. But SMS can not only help you externally in communicating with your customers, it can also help your business internally.

With mobile workforces, home working and flexible part time staffing, staff and employee communication can be a little tricky, especially when your staff numbers are high and you need instant communication. This is exactly where SMS can help, effective, easy and instant, SMS is transforming internal business communications.

How SMS can improve staff communication 

Emergency updates
Sometimes disasters strike, and certain things are left completely out of your hands, adverse weather conditions, electricity or internet issues are just a few things that might make your office unusable for staff. 

A simple message to all your employees outlining the problem and letting them know about other arrangements or to work from home, easy, simple and effective with SMS.

Employee scheduling/Staff rostering
Changes in shift patterns, new available shifts or cancelled shifts can all be sent out by SMS. Allowing your staff to quickly read and reply to confirm or book shifts.

As a business this enables you to quickly cover shifts in need of an emergency if needed.

Announcements and reminders
Got some big or important news to share? Then letting your staff know by SMS is perfect, office events or work commitments can all be easily forgotten in the day-to-day lives of any employee, so a gentle SMS reminder is a great way to combat that.

These updates and messages to your staff can be done easily and quickly with FastSMS, either on our web based platform, or through our powerful Email to SMS solution.

Online SMS web-platform
Simply create a contact group of all your staff mobile numbers, then write your message and hit send! You can even segment your employees into different contact groups if needed, for example by different departments or different office locations.

Email to SMS
If the idea of another platform to login on and get familiar with sounds too much, then no worries as we have you covered with our amazing Email to SMS to solution. You can send bulk SMS messages from your email account, you can both send and receive messages through your email platform and there is no need for developers, it’s easy, simple and integrates with any email platform.

If you would like to know more about how SMS can improve your business communication, then please do get in touch today on 0800 954 5305. Or sign up for your free business SMS account here