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Benefits of recruitment SMS and why it works

The recruitment sector has completely fallen in love with business SMS, and for some very good reasons! Too long has the communication between recruiter and candidate been underperforming, often inconvenient for the candidate and not time efficient for the recruiter, leaving recruiters searching for answers.

Well SMS is answering those questions with aplomb. 

Many of the main benefits and plus points associated with SMS, are exactly what recruiters and candidates are looking for when it comes to communication.

Recruitment SMS

The recruitment game is very fast-paced, fast and instant communication is needed to be able to talk between the candidates and recruiter themselves effectively. 

On average 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes (Source Gartner)

So certainly speed is one of the main factors that SMS can offer recruitment as a business communication tool. SMS allows recruiters to send details about job roles and candidates to read the messages instantly and then reply or contact the recruiter within minutes if interested.

SMS is convenient for both recruiter and candidate parties. Firstly for the recruiter, SMS allows you to send out a job role instantly to hundreds of thousands of candidates in the click of a button. Meaning no need to trawl through the phonebook calling lots of candidates to tell them about the role.

Secondly, it’s not only incredibly convenient for the candidates but also discreet. Often candidates are currently employed, so they cannot discuss or talk about new roles openly over the phone. Email communication again can cause issues with response times and the candidate having to login and out of personal email accounts at work. The mobile phone and SMS offer a convenient and discreet solution. 

Business SMS is incredibly effective for any and every business. One of the main reasons being the incredible open rate, 98% of all text messages are read.

Time and cost effective
As we have said above, with a click of a button you can send your SMS to millions of potential candidates if needed. This not only means time is not wasted finding and ringing potential candidates, but allows recruiters to focus on other tasks while they wait for interested candidates to respond.

This means no huge call costs, and also allows the recruitment agency to keep a smaller and leaner workforce.

Email to SMS
One of our amazing features here at FastSMS is email to SMS. Which allows you to send SMS messages from any email platform to any mobile phone. So if it’s more convenient for your recruiters to use your email platform, then they can. Even better is our clever system will even turn the replies back into emails and send them straight into your inbox, meaning you can have full text message conversation with your candidate using a mobile phone and your recruiters using their email platform, the thread will look like a normal email conversation.

These are just some of the reasons why recruitment loves business SMS so much and why it is so widely being used by recruitment agencies, SMS works so well for both recruiters and candidates. If you would like to discuss how FastSMS could help your recruitment agency then please do get in touch.