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A recruiter’s guide to SMS messaging

One of the many main advantages of business SMS, is that the method of communication is extremely quick, virtually instant. Meaning that if a business needs to send important information to a customer that needs to be read immediately, then SMS is the perfect tool.

This is one of the reasons that the recruitment sector love SMS. They can easily and quickly send out messages to thousands of potential candidates in one click of a send button, but more than that, they know that virtually all of those messages will be read.

SMS notifications

SMS is not just great for the recruiters themselves, but also the candidates. They get information on potential jobs immediately, whilst also having a discreet way to communicate with the recruiters to ask for more details.

SMS is a real winner for both parties, but starting your SMS venture can be a little daunting without any previous experience, and it shouldn’t be. So we have created a little SMS marketing guide for recruiter’s to make sure they start off on the right foot with their SMS journey.

View the guide here

If you have any questions about how SMS can help your recruitment agency then please do get in touch.