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At the University of California, San Diego researchers found a security flaw that let them access a car's systems. They demonstrated their findings at Usenix, a security conference held in Washington DC. In the video below you can watch how they send SMS messages to control the Corvette after hacking in using a security vulnerability. The vulnerabilities they found weren't with the...

The benefit of using SMS messaging for authentication is that people have their mobiles with them all the time. It’s convenient for them to receive the passcodes quickly so they can get logged in and do their business, whatever that may be. At its simplest, the procedure goes something like this...

The life of an IT administrator or manager is a constant battle with the equipment and software they manage. If an issue isn’t fixed in a reasonable time, there are usually consequences in one form or another. So how can you use SMS alerts to make sure your IT team is always aware of issues and the need to fix them quickly?


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